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Introduction to Tarot

The origin of the Tarot has been for many years a matter of speculation amongst scholars, artists, poets and other students of consciousness. The tarot has become a popular tool for divination and the debate as to whether the symbols and language of the tarot were originally designed or evolved over time has continued.

Tarot cards are originally thought to have been designed as a game, a forerunner of the modern playing deck. The cards were used as a game of numbers where each card had a value and the holder of the highest hand at won.

The tarot comprises of a set of 78 images, which depict all forces that can affect human life. This includes all the characters, events, emotions and ideas that make up the material world we know. Essentially when defining these images it is important to make the distinction between the tarot images and the cards themselves. Tarot is first and foremost an imaginative system, separate from any tangible medium and it is entirely possible to use them purely from memory. But when these images are reproduced on to cards then it is possible to isolate them from one another and arrange or rearrange them into different sequences, either purposefully or randomly (by shuffling the pack). In this way, the tarot images provide a matrix or interface between the realm of imagination and the material level of existence. The tarot therefore provides a tangible framework of understanding and interpretation for every facet of human existence, as well as forecasting events, circumstances and outcomes one can expect as a result of acting upon the insights provided during the reading. In essence this is the divinatory element of the tarot. The symbolism of the tarot is a powerful catalyst and connects to the intuition on very subtle levels of conscious thought. The tarot images are "keys" that enable us to unlock information that is not readily available or confined to "time" as we understand it.

When choosing a Tarot Pack, the images of the deck must attract you and the overall sense should be one of well-being and happiness. There is no truth to the superstition that buying a Tarot Deck for yourself will bring bad luck. So happy browsing!!!

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